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The lessons are super informative and I feel that every class I can walk away with more information then I entered the lesson with. The lessons themselves are super enjoyable and relaxed as well. The way that the lessons are planned out works very well, I never feel like they are packed with a lot of information or not enough information which is awesome. There is also a mix of different ways that the lessons are taught and that all depends on what type of learner you are which, in my opinion, is the most important thing as a student. I highly recommend Zara to all levels of spanish!

Dylan Monteiro
Auckland, New Zealand


Looking to demonstrate your Spanish language proficiency?

The DELE and SIELE exams are TWO POPULAR options to consider. Both exams assess your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and are recognized by institutions around the world. The DELE, offered by the Spanish Ministry of Education, is a well-established exam, while the SIELE is a newer option that is increasingly accepted by universities and employers. Both exams provide a six-level scale from A1 to C2, allowing you to showcase your Spanish language abilities and achieve your personal and professional goals.

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Ready to boost your Spanish skills before your next trip to a Spanish-speaking country.

Learning some basic Spanish words and phrases will come in handy during your travels. Don’t worry if you still need to improve your Spanish— you can revisit the main topics before your trip so you can  get some practice during your stay overseas. Trust us, you’ll come back feeling motivated to take more Spanish classes!



Let's go



Are you moving to Spanish speaking country? Book lessons with us and start a smooth transition into a new life. 


You already have a level but want to go deeper into the subject!

Talk to our professionals and they will help you to learn the language better.

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What to Expect

Qualified Native Spanish teachers
Flexible Lessons
Commitment with results
Adult Tailored Lessons

Qualified Native Spanish teachers

Flexible Lessons

Commitment with results

Tailored Lessons

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